Attract conscious buyers and investors.

Wherever you are on your ESG/sustainability journey, we make it easier than ever to manage corporate reputation and market your products and company values online.

Join essential industries suppliers showcasing how ethically and sustainably they operate

Join the - soon to be live - and only supplier directory that allows buyers/investors to find suppliers based on suppliers' ESG values.

Restimuli builds your catalogue and organizes all your ESG/CSR and product content.

A new channel to reach buyers and investors

Convey credibility around your societal commitments.

ESG Marketing Tech

Modern 4th channel

Restimuli does not replace sales, distributors, or your website - we complement them to help you better market your products and company values towards buyers and investors.


Attract more customer/investor leads

Open the top of the funnel and convert leads to customers and investors, faster.


Social proof

Benefit from the social proof of having your company values presented by an independent party on an independent site.

Start promoting your values online

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Is Restimuli right for me?

    • I doubt buyers really care about sustainability.

      According to a recent McKinsey’s study¹, over 20% of large buyers already use sustainability measures as primary criteria in sourcing decisions or supplier reviews, whereas over 60% are working on their sustainability strategy for procurement. Suppliers that aren’t showing progress risk losing relevance. Read Restimuli's suppliers memo for more.

    • I’m worried it will take too much time.

      It takes an average of just 15 minutes to choose the value tags that best describe your company values. From there, we’ll do a call, documenting how aligned those values are with your operations. It is an interview, you don’t need to prepare anything at all. We then develop your Restimuli profile. You are in control of the narrative, and only when you approve the draft, we publish your profile.

    • My eco credentials aren’t strong enough.

      Restimuli works for brands at all stages of their ESG journey – many of the suppliers we work with, showcase 3 or fewer value tags. Don’t wait for perfection – start getting rewarded for your progress now.

    • Am I eligible for a Restimuli profile?

      Yes, as long as the following criteria are met: • You offer essential industries resources (Pharma, PPE, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Chemicals, Polymers, Logistics, Sanitisers, etc.). • You maintain a level of sustainability and ethical standards.

    • It doesn’t look like value for money as a small company.

      We work with several small, growing companies, so we’ve made sure to keep costs as low as possible. Discounts are available for companies with low annual turnovers – speak with our team to find out more.

    • I already have certifications.

      Your buyers and investors are busy, which means your certifications are going unnoticed in product description copy and ESG reporting. By adding those certifications to your Restimuli profile and allowing buyers/investors to discover your offering using value tag filters, Restimuli makes your certifications work much harder, generating new buyer/investor interest.

    • I doubt investors really care about our ethical and sustainability standards.

      Investing within an ESG framework is now the fastest growing segment of the asset management industry. That said, ESG can sadly be used as a very loosely defined term for “greenwashing”. A Restimuli profile helps you articulate your ESG values and how well these are translated into daily practices and operations. Transparency is key to mitigate market confusion.

    • I’d rather wait until Restimuli goes live.

      The 25 early customers supporting Restimuli’s launch join our inner circle programme (discounts and more included) – speak with our team to find out more.

    • Our product donation programmes are an important part of our CSR/social part of our ESG activities, how does that fit in?

      We build your profile and storefront. Restimuli builds your catalogue and organizes all your ESG/CSR and product content. Buyers and investors can learn everything about your ethical / environmental /social / governance / philanthropic values and culture from your profile and about your product credentials from your storefront. Your storefront is designed to also showcase product donations should you have programmes in place.

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